Peter J. Earle, novelist.

Peter J. Earle

About writers and writing for readers who are interested in all sorts. Novelists draw from experience as well as from research. This more of the experience and less of the research, by Peter J. Earle who is having an extremely interesting life (he thinks!) and would like to share it with you and ask you about yours. He lives in a rural cottage in a little village called Haarlem in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Tel. +27 0768014331.
Book Reviews: http://www.bookpostmortem.wordpress.com
Blog: http://www.peterjearle.wordpress.com
He writes thrillers based in Africa.


As well as the series featuring Detective Sergeant DICE MODISE of the Botswana CID.


HV cover front finalThe soft-cover edition of HUNTER’S VENOM, Dice Modise #1 is available from the author at sales@peterjearle.com, as is Dice Modise #2, MEDICINAL PURPOSES ONLY.

Both Kindle edition and the soft-cover edition of Dice Modise #3 are available from Amazon.com.

Children Apart - soft cover

CHILDREN APART – soft-cover edition

Reviews on any and all of his novels would be highly appreciated!



7 Responses to About

  1. Looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. peterjearle says:

    Thanks! And thanks for the follow. The road junction near Dondo, and Dondo itself, features in the first chapter of my thriller “The Barros Pawns”. It is set in the 1970s, before the Portuguese hand-over, where a bunch of South African skydivers get involved in a plot to cause havoc in Mozambique. It is available on Amazon and as an eBook, along with my other southern African thrillers. Your photos capture the spirit of Africa in a very special way! Looking forward to keeping up with them.

  3. Jane Risdon says:

    Looks like a fab read Peter. I shall check it out. Good luck. Just my kind of book.

  4. peterjearle says:

    Thank you! I’d be honoured, but with your workload, I’m delighted that you find the time!

  5. Melie De Champlain says:

    Hi Peter, I am from Vancouver Island Canada and I am not able to find The barrows pawns on Amazone. I would really like to read your book, Do you have any idea of another way I could buy it from Canada.
    Thank you, Kind regards.
    Melie DeChamplain

  6. peterjearle says:

    Hi Melie, I’m honoured. Please send your postal address to info@peterjearle.com and I shall post you a copy from South Africa. Otherwise, you can get it on Kindle. Regards, Peter J. Earle.

  7. Gerald Bradshaw says:

    do you have an email address. I am looking for Chris Nussey who gave you parachute lesions. I am an American and met him in South Africa in 1965.

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