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To get a balanced view of comparative monetary values and lifestyles between my own country and another, I enjoy going to supermarkets to compare prices and choices. (Prices of the day per kg were: Rump steak $13-00, Premium mince $9-00, … Continue reading

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Flight to Gippsland

Richard, my bro, was having a problem with his solar set-up at his farm, so Dave, the solar expert from Melbourne, went with him when he drove home on Thursday 23 September 2004. The next day, I took Dave’s place … Continue reading

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Bits of Melbourne

Home for Mark Earle was a large wood-built five bedroomed affair in Schutt Street, Newport, half a block from the Newport Station. His wife Katrina and mum-in-law Cheryl (nee Hickey or married to Hickey, I’m not sure which) made me … Continue reading

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