Most avid readers that I know, as well as the few writers, have such a huge range of interests that I hope to be able to cover at least something that will start a discussion. One of the acknowledged tenets of blogging, I’m told, is focus. State your Position clearly, I’m told. Therein lies the problem with shotgun interests such as we have. Our curiosity is so widespread that anyone who knows something interesting about anything will pique our curiosity.

So, no position, I’m afraid. What would bore you to tears would be that long list of things that I am curious about! But the things that I know something about is much shorter, and that, hopefully will be what this blog will be about, as well as contributions from folk out there who know a bit, or a lot, more, about fascinating stuff.

So, if you are not a curious person, or parrot that can read, this blog will not be for you.

I love, and am passionate about, animals. In my life I have allowed the following animals to own me: Dogs, cats, horses, cattle, pigs, budgies, an owl, mice and silkworms. I had a hawk for about an hour, but the bloke that had owned it and stolen my mice to feed it, and given it to me in compensation, stole it back again.

Writing novels interferes with my passion for reading them, so I need to try and balance the two. While dithering about trying to decide whether to read or write, it may be a good time to blog. Oh, yeah?

Writing novels certainly generates scattered interests. As each character develops, so do their passions, thoughts and motivation. Also their fears, hates and psyche. Not to mention their skills or lack thereof, their physical and mental health. So, what do they do for a living, what sports do they play, what sex life? As you can see, I have to know something about almost everything, or invent characters that at least are built out of the things that I (think I) know about.

So this blog will be about how I came upon some of this stuff and how my values changed or strengthened along the way.

About peterjearle

Writer of thriller novels. 4 Published: 'Purgatory Road', 'The Barros Pawns', and the Detective Dice Modise Series:'Hunter's Venom' and 'Medicinal Purposed Only', all from Southern Africa.
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2 Responses to Multi-Interests

  1. Nigel Rollo says:

    Pete, talking of being possessed by creatures:
    When I was a wee fellow growing up in Nairobi, my older brother captured a green grass snake. His objective was to sustain it for the remainder of the summer holidays, take it back to school, present it to the biology teacher and become a hero. Alas, he was just not cut out to be a hero. The day before he was to return to boarding school, he took his snake for a “walk”. The snake disappeared in the grass and 4 weeks of nurturing went with it. Needless to say, his kid brother got a fair bit of milage out of it.

    • peterjearle says:

      I bet! When I was an ardent Red Indian, I tried to save a grass snake from death by stoning, but was outnumbered and it got pulped. I took on the name of “Little Grass Snake”, but I would not, now, like to be known as the “little snake that grassed…”

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